Shindengen Permanent Manget (Self-Holding) Solenoids


Permanent Magnet Solenoids (also known as latching or self-holding solenoid) are a linear open frame design that utilize the advantages of a high performance permanent magnet. A magnetic latching field is created by the permanent magnet that holds the plunger in the closed or energized position without energy to the coil.


Options include one-direction and two-direction models that can be used in both short and long stroke applications. One-direction models have a single coil and use the permanent magnet to hold the plunger in the energized position without energy. Two-direction models have two coils and use the permanent magnet to hold the plunger in two positions, at both ends of the stroke.  Life expectancy is rated up to 200,000 life cycles.

Visit our Technical Guide for Shindengen Permanent Magnet Solenoids for further technical terms and other details important to the selection and application of open frame solenoids.

Also visit our Permanent Magnet Solenoid Applications page for ideas and illustrations of popular uses for Permanent Magnet Solenoids.

Selection Guide for Shindengen Permanent Magnet (Self-Holding) Solenoids

Size and weight may vary according to options selected
Model NumberHeight
Approx Weight
SH1LC052412102417.3One DirectionDatasheet
SH1LF052412102417.3One DirectionDatasheet
SH1LC073017153047.2One DirectionDatasheet
SH1LF073017153047.2One DirectionDatasheet
SH1LC114026.52340148One DirectionDatasheet
SH1LF114026.52340148One DirectionDatasheet
SH1LC124029.52540180One DirectionDatasheet
SH1LF124029.52540180One DirectionDatasheet
SH2LC052412102418Two DirectionDatasheet
SH2LC073017153042Two DirectionDatasheet
SC2LC114026.52340136Two DirectionDatasheet

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