Bicron DC Solenoids

Anywhere a small movement is required that can be powered electrically is a potential application for a solenoid from Bicron. From a simple locking function to a laser application or release mechanisms for aircraft, solenoids find their use in almost too many industrial, medical and military applications  to mention.  

Typical Solenoid applications include:

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Valves

Automatic Locking Mechanisms

Medical Applications; Long-Life Flow Control

Automotive Gear Box Drive Selectors

Industrial Equipment; Positioning, Pinching, Holding, Rotating, Diverting, Valve Operation

Railway Remote Safety Locks

Railway Electronic Switch for Passenger Control

Railway Power Distribution

Irrigation Water Pressure Control

Aircraft Release Mechanisms

Military Ammunition Loading Systems

Bicron offers C-frame, D-frame, Tubular, Magnetic Self-Holding, Custom and Modified Standard solenoid designs. Functions include push-pull and latch-unlatch in a variety of duty cycles. Our design history includes the ability customize IP rated solenoids that operate in dusty or wet environments.

Our Technical Guide for Bicron Solenoids provides important technical details related to the design and operation of solenoids including Bicron part number selections and a glossary of solenoid terms.

Please use our Linear Solenoid Design Worksheet or Rotary Solenoid Design Worksheet to specify Modified Standard or Custom models required for your application.

Solenoid Options
Custom Solenoid Design

Custom solenoids are designed to match your specific application requirements. Our scope includes consumer, commercial, industrial, and high-reliability applications such as medical and military uses. We also provide value-added, custom assembly services.  Our custom tooling capability includes encapsulation to achieve water resistant solenoid designs.

Custom, Value-Added Solenoid Assemblies

Bicron’s capabilities include custom designed, value-added solenoid sub-assemblies; effectively incorporating a solenoid into a customized assembly that fits into our customer’s end-product.  This may include simple, custom connectors or more advanced custom mountings.  Also, solenoids with wire a harness; multiple mounted solenoids with synchronized action; custom molded solenoids for water resistant applications, Etc.  Bicron also accepts customer-specified assemblies under a contract manufacturing arrangement.

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