Fully Customized Transformers & Solenoids

Transformers are electromagnetic devices that utilize an inductive electrical energy process between its circuits to modify voltage. These types of electrical devices are capable of translating, isolating, increasing and decreasing varying electrical voltage and current levels. The cores of electric transformers can be manufactured from a wide range of materials including silicon steel, nickel, powdered iron, amorphous, nanocrystalline, and ferrite. 

A typical solenoid device is a coil of wire that is specifically used as an electromagnet. Solenoids convert electrical energy to mechanical energy via a magnetic field that creates linear motion. Solenoids are often used within power switches and valves.
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Premium Quality Custom Transformers

At Bicron Electronics Company we feature several different types of unique transformers that can provide a fully customized experience for your specific project applications. Our line of custom transformers includes the following:
  • VoltBoss™ High Frequency Transformers – Bicron high frequency transformers are fully customizable and are designed and constructed to safeguard against interference from vibration, moisture and insulation integrity. VoltBoss™ transformers also provide advanced heat dissipation and are “corona-free”; designed for partial discharge mitigation. VoltBoss™ transformers are built with special design protocols and proprietary materials that are developed specifically for this purpose. Partial Discharge and Corona-free levels are verified through actual testing.
  • Toroidal Power Transformers – Bicron Toroidal Power Transformers feature a low radiated magnetic field with a favorable size & weight to VA rating. Toroidal power transformers provide improved overall performance at a lower cost compared to typical lamination transformers. Further details are found on our webpage Advantages of Toroidal Power Transformers.
  • Current Sensing Transformers (CT) – Bicron Current Transformers are available in current ratings up to 10,000A and current ratios from 10:1 to 6000:5. They also require no external power requirements and provide extreme reliability, while providing high linearity and repeatability.
  • Power Harvesting Current Sensing Transformers – Bicron offers customized power harvesting CTs designed for unique customer applications. Our experience supporting medium voltage power grid applications includes multi-phase CT assemblies for switchgear power distribution monitoring and power harvesting.

Premium Quality Solenoids and Actuators

Bicron and Shindengen solenoids are famous for quality, reliability and high durability. The electromechanical function of our solenoids provides maximum power output using minimum size and weight, useful for a wide range of industries and applications. Solenoids are available to meet your specific requirements for consumer, commercial, industrial, military and other high-reliability applications. Bicron can provide custom designed, value-added solenoid sub-assemblies; which can effectively incorporate a solenoid into a customized assembly that fits into the user’s end-product.

Transformer & Solenoid Applications

There are a wide range of uses for transformers and solenoids throughout a broad array of industries. Some of the examples of equipment and systems that use transformers include the following:
  • Lighting
  • Transportation
  • Electrical circuitry
  • Personal electronics
  • Electric drives
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Smart grid
  • Utility power distribution switchgear
  • Medium voltage power conversion
  • Solar converters & battery charging
  • Military
  • And more

Meeting or Exceeding all Industry Standards for Transformers & Solenoids

At Bicron our fully customizable transformers and solenoids provide industry leading technology, while meeting or exceeding industry standards. Bicron transformers and solenoids provide high quality, long life performance for even the most rugged applications.

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We design custom power magnetics and DC solenoids with extreme reliability for alternate energy, transportation, power distribution, military and other rugged applications. Contact us for more information regarding our transformer and solenoid capabilities, or request a quote for further pricing details today.



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