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Custom Power Transformers, Current Sensing Transformers (CT) & DC Solenoids

Bicron is a leading provider of standard and custom transformers and DC solenoids for the alternate energy, smart grid power distribution, transportation, medical, military, marine, security and aerospace industries. As a direct OEM supplier, we specialize in durable and reliable, high quality products intended for rugged, long-life applications. Contact us for more information on custom power transformers and DC solenoids, or call us at 860-482-2524 with any questions that you may have.

Custom Power Transformers

Bicron Electronics features power transformer designs for high-frequency applications including “corona-free” technology and high isolation, and toroidal power transformers up to 10KVA. Our current sensing transformers are high-efficiency and include self-energized models for switchgear and power distribution monitoring applications. 

Current Sensing Transformers (CT)

Bicron's family of current sensing transformers are high-efficiency standard and custom designed CTs. Models include self-energized (power harvesting), multi-phase, solid core and split core. Like other Bicron products, our CTs are made for longevity in the most demanding applications. 

DC Solenoids

Bicron supplies standard and custom DC solenoids for consumer, commercial, industrial, medical, military and other high-reliability applications. Also, Bicron is the exclusive North American distributor for Shindengen DC solenoids which are famous for quality, reliability and high durability. Bicron can provide custom, value-added solenoid sub-assemblies; effectively incorporating a solenoid into a custom assembly for unique applications.

Custom Design & Custom Assembly

Bicron Electronics has been known for more than 50 years for the design and manufacturing of reliable Magnetics, and electromechanical products. We are best known for our proven ability at solving complex issues with custom designs that endure the test of time and rugged use. This is especially true of custom products and related assemblies we produce for unique customer applications.

Contact Bicron for Custom Power Transformers & DC Solenoids Today

We design and produce custom power magnetics and DC solenoids with extreme reliability for the alternate energy, smart grid power distribution, transportation, medical, military, marine, security and aerospace industries. Contact us for more information regarding our power transformer and DC solenoid capabilities, or request a quote for further pricing details today.


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