VoltBossTM High Frequency Transformers

Bicron’s VoltBoss™ transformers are designed, constructed and tested to ensure moisture and vibration resistance, heat dissipation, and insulation integrity. It is our ability to mitigate Partial Discharge that decisively sets our VoltBoss™ products apart from other transformer producers. These are robust products intended for long-life applications that demand enduring performance without failure.

Our VoltBoss™ transformer series was launched in 2012 by breaking a major size barrier in low Partial Discharge designs, achieving a 50% reduction in platform sizes. We offered a Partial Discharge level of less than 20 pC at up to 2500V in a platform size of approximately 1 cubic inch.

Our New & Improved VoltBoss™ series was introduced in 2016, providing a Partial Discharge level of less than 10 pC at up to 4500V, in the same small footprint, weighing just 2.5 oz.

Bicron’s VoltBoss™ high-frequency transformers offer high isolation and reliability. Available in frequencies of 10KHz to 500KHz and isolation voltage up to 20KV. This transformer series includes Corona-free operation to 15KV which eliminates losses and potential latent failures from Partial Discharge and are constructed to withstand the harshest environments and vibration. Standard operating temperatures are -20°C to 85°C with 30% heat rise. Power ranges up to 200VA and input voltages up to 250V.

Standard Platforms or Custom High Frequency Transformers

View our platform guide below for popular examples of Bicron VoltBoss™ transformers offered with a corona-free specification.    

Many of our products are custom designed or modified standard designs, prepared for unique customer applications.   For modified standard or custom designs please use our High Frequency Transformer Design Worksheet to specify unique requirements.

Visit our webpage for Partial Discharge & Corona for more information regarding Bicron’s Corona-free technology.

VoltBossTM High-Frequency Transformers include the following models:

Model Features
Ensures the inductance remains in the defined range and avoids saturation
Switch Mode
Contains a PFC Choke, Diff Mode Choke, Output Choke, and Switching Transformer
The output voltage is a function of the current retention in the transformer
Feed Forward
A voltage-controlled version of the current-controlled flyback transformer
Generates voltages in excess of 1 KV from a low voltage input
Buck Boost
Increases (boosts) or decreases (bucks) the input voltage
Generates a gross voltage (15V-200V) while providing high isolation

Applications that use BICRON VoltBossTM Transformers

  • Alternate energy: wind, solar, fuel cell
  • Hybrid vehicles: auto, bus, truck
  • Industrial drives
  • Transportation: rail, naval
  • Power grid distribution control

VoltBossTM High-Frequency Transformers include the following models:

Part NumberModelHiPot for 60s (kV)CoronaLength (in.)Width (in.)Height (in.)Datasheet
BECTP100Pulse2.5<5pC @ 2kV1.01.00.875
BECTP1380Dual 3A12<10pC @ 5kV4.63.01.0
BECTP156Gate Drive5.5<10pC @ 2.3kV1.251.251.40
BECTP164SMPS7.4<10pC @ 4.5kV1.2811.2811.34
BECTP248Pulse6.5<5pC @ 1.8kV1.5751.5750.880
BECTP550Module13.25<20pC @ 4kV2.52.21.545
BECTP581Push-Pull2.5<30pC @ 1kV2.412.411.75
BECTP625Isolation5<5pC @ 2kV2.52.51.5
BECTP75Step Up1.2<5pC @ 1kV0.8050.9340.687
BECTP81Step Up2<5pC @ 1kV0.9060.9061.299
BECTP90Pulse5.5<5pC @ 2kV0.9200.9800.680
BECTP91Pulse5.5<10pC @ 2.5kV0.9250.9890.610
BECTP92Pulse5<5pC @ 2kV0.9900.9300.610

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