Bicron is a leading provider of standard and custom transformers and DC solenoids for the alternate energy, smart grid power distribution, transportation, medical, military, marine, security and aerospace industries. As a direct OEM supplier, we specialize in durable and reliable, high quality products intended for rugged, long-life applications.

Bicron supplies standard and custom DC solenoids for consumer, commercial, industrial, medical, military and other high-reliability applications. Also, Bicron is the exclusive North American distributor for Shindengen DC solenoids which are famous for quality, reliability and high durability. Bicron can provide custom, value-added solenoid sub-assemblies; effectively incorporating a solenoid into a custom assembly for unique applications.


Bicron Electronics features power transformer designs for high-frequency applications including “corona-free” technology and high isolation, and toroidal power transformers up to 10KVA. Our current sensing transformers are high-efficiency and include self-energized models for switchgear and power distribution monitoring applications.