Shindengen Tubular DC Solenoids

  • Shindengen Tubular DC Solenoids Shindengen Tubular DC Solenoids
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Tubular Solenoids are slender cylinders that feature a large force output in a small size. The outside case is made of high permeable steel; designed for minimum flux leakage and low operating noise. 
Options include pull or push types, standard life expectancy of 2million cycles and long-life models that can achieve up to 10million cycles.  

Visit our Technical Guide for Shindengen Tubular DC Solenoids for further technical terms and other details important to the selection and application of tubular solenoids. 

Application insight
Tubular Solenoids are most popular for applications that require a slender design with durability and maximum output. See illustration below for an intake pipe assembly application that uses a Tubular Solenoid as a switching device to control flow rate.


Selection Guide for Shindengen Tubular Solenoids:

Size and weight may vary according to options selected