Shindengen Push-Pull DC Solenoids

  • Shindengen Push-Pull DC Solenoid Shindengen Push-Pull DC Solenoid
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Shindengen Push-Pull solenoids are designed as coils packaged in highly permeable steel with a flange that acts as an auxiliary magnetic pole.  The armature uses a secondary magnetic circuit which increases a typical output force by 20% to 50%. This Shindengen solenoid delivers a large force for its size with push or pull action.  
Offered with standard life cycles of 2million, and long-life designs that can achieve up to 10million cycles.  Options include pole piece configurations; conical or flat types. The conical pole is meant for medium strokes (3-8mm). The flat pole is designed for short strokes (0-3mm) and where high holding force is required.

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Selection Guide for Shindengen Push-Pull Solenoids:

Size and weight may vary according to options selected