Rotary DC Solenoids Applications

Visit our Technical Guide for Shindengen Rotary Solenoids for technical terms and other details important to the selection and application of Rotary solenoids. Available models and datasheets can be selected from our Shindengen Rotary DC Solenoids product page.


Shindengen Rotary Solenoids effeciently convert the linear force of a typical push-pull solenoid into a rotary motion with right-hand or left-hand motion. Rotary solenoids are simple and reliable devices that often replace alternate mechanisms that use a cam or crank lever to achieve a rotary motion.

The following illustrations represent popular applications for Rotary Solenoids.

APPLICATION: Butterfly Valve

The drive mechanism of the butterfly valve is equipped with a standard rotary solenoid. Direct use of the rotary solenoid eliminates the need for a speed reducer.

APPLICATION: Sorting Equipment

The rotary solenoid is used as the switch control, allowing products to pass or to be selected. A bi-directional model (RM) eliminates the need for a return spring and provides faster action.


The rotary solenoid is often used for thermal imaging and laser applications where fast and reliable shutter action is required.


The rotational movement and relative high torque of the rotary solenoid makes it a valuable tool for a variety of locking mechanisms.

APPLICATION: Rolled Paper Cutter

The rotary solenoid is used as the drive mechanism.

APPLICATION: Gate Width Control

The illustration represents the use of a rotary solenoid as the mechanism for an automatic ticket gate.

APPLICATION: Ball Feeding Mechanism

The rotary solenoid is attached to the cam drive for ball feeding.