Advantages of Toroidal Power Transformers vs. Lamination Transformers

Visit our product page for Toroidal Power Transformers to view standard models and learn more about our custom design capabilities. Also visit our resource page Technical Guide for Bicron Toroidal Power Transformers, an excellent source for the fundamentals of Toroidal Power Transformer design.

Lower Off-Load Power Consumption

Lower off-load power consumption provides increased electrical efficiency resulting in long term cost savings. The efficiency or losses at each point in the whole system determines the overall system operating cost. Each point of conversion has losses. Minimizing these losses provides long term cost savings for your design application. (Fig. 1)

Smaller and Lighter

The advantage of High packing density is the reduced cost impact to the overall system design. Also, a physically smaller transformer is usually less expensive to manufac­ture. (Fig.2)

A smaller transformer also means lighter weight, assisting the need for a smaller structural chassis design, and improved porta­bility. (Fig.3)

Wider Choice of Configurations

Toroidal Power Transformers made from single strips of core material provide a great variety of possible config­urations. Custom transformer dimensions can be developed to meet almost any product or system parameter.

Low Radiated EMI

Toroidal Power Transformers are designed to exhibit low radiated EMI, resulting in reduced interference. Less shielding is required between the trans­former and sensitive electronic components. (Fig.4)

Virtually No Audible Noise

Toroidal Power Transformers are designed to be void of low frequency audible noise.  This advantage can simplify installation and improve the quality of your product.

Safety Recognition

Using a Bicron Transformer listed and recognized by safety agencies is a boost to your regu­latory approval process. Typical safety agency approvals and stan­dards applied to Bicron transformer products include UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, and IEC.

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