A relationship exists between duty cycle and voltage. In the table below the relationship between ampere turn, power (watts), and voltage is represented. For example, the voltage at 25% duty cycle is twice the voltage at 100% duty cycle.

Tables are provided for each size of push-pull solenoids, tubular solenoids, open frame solenoids, and self-holding solenoids, which show stroke vs. force curves at four duty cycles (100%, 50%, 25%, and 10%).
For rotary solenoids, the table represents duty cycle vs. torque curves for each rotation angle. Decide the size of the solenoid needed in your application, then move to the page for that size, and review details for the solenoid.

1N (Newton)=0.102 (kgf)=102 (gf)
1kgf=9.807 (N)
1Nm=10.197 (kgf cm)
1MPa=10.197 (kgf/cm2)
1kgf/cm2=0.098 (MPa)
1N (Newton)=0.225 (lbs)
1Nm=8.85 (lb • in)

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