iNRCORE Proudly Welcomes Bicron Electronics

iNRCORE, a premier supplier of high reliability products including magnetics and other electronic components, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bicron® Electronics Company, a leading provider of corona-free transformers, solenoids, and current sensing transformers supporting industries such as: smart grid power distribution, alternate energy, transportation, medical, military/aerospace, and other advanced industrial end markets. The acquisition, backed by iNRCORE majority owner The Jordan Company, comes on the heels of iNRCORE’s recent rebranding and continues the transformational growth plan that iNRCORE started in 2020.

The addition of Bicron Electronics will further strengthen iNRCORE’s Power product offerings by adding depth in Current Sense Transformers, increasing custom design offerings, and adding solenoids to iNRCORE’s existing product lines. Bicron is a direct fit with iNRCORE’s plans to enhance its presence in new markets, and the acquisition aligns well with iNRCORE’s vision of providing the best in power, signal conditioning, and data transmission solutions across a multitude of high-reliability industries. iNRCORE is thrilled to support Bicron’s proud tradition of reliability and excellence. Bicron Electronics will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of iNRCORE. Neither its organizational structure nor its sales points of contact will change.

"We are thrilled to include Bicron in the iNRCORE family. Bicron's impressive capabilities serving high-reliability industrial power applications complements iNRCORE's latest launch of industrial-grade signal products, and provides both our customers with expanding product offerings and capabilities."

"We are delighted to join the iNRCORE family. We are confident that we will be able to leverage our complementary technical skills to grow both companies' customer base. We also look forward to utilizing the many resources The Jordan Company offers to improve the efficiency of our operation, identify synergies and economies of scale, and improve our administrative functions."