BicronVoltBoss™ High Frequency TransformerBicron's VoltBoss™ series IGBT gate drive transformers used for AC locomotive traction, speed control and braking systems.  Designed for long-life, corona-free operation in rugged conditions. 

9KV Power Transformer for Wind Turbine Pitch Control

50Hz to 60 Hz, 3-phase high voltage current sensing transformer assembly. Power harvesting & sensing. Used for switchgear, power distribution monitoring.

DC Solenoids

High Voltage Transformer for Inverter Drive

Custom Coils
Bicron Electronics Co. has been supplying major OEM’s with engineered transformer and solenoid solutions from our US manufacturing site using proprietary designs and materials since 1964. With the support of strategically positioned international partners we can deliver solutions world-wide.

Our product focus includes Magnetics for electrical power control (transformers), and electro-mechanical devices for actuation and motion control (solenoids). We also offer value-added assembly for designs that include Magnetic devices.

Bicron specializes in extremely reliable, long-life products intended for rugged applications including Corona-Free Transformers, Toroidal Power Transformers and High-Efficiency Current Sensing Transformers (CT).

Our customers include manufacturers of inverters, power supplies and power distribution automation equipment. We also provide related products and assemblies for aerospace and mission critical applications.  Transformers and solenoids made by Bicron can be found in many applications, as noted below. Ruggedized products are used daily and globally for applications such as locomotives, wind turbines, and deep sea equipment and devices.  

Consistent high quality is critical to the safety and reliability of our customers’ products.  Bicron has maintained continuous ISO certification since receiving initial approval in 1997.  Currently certified under ISO9001:2015 standards, we operate with controlled processes, procedures, and systematic auditing.

Applications and Industries served by Bicron Electronics:

Alternative and renewable energy:
Wind power generation & Solar power generation

Medical standby power
Dispensing medical consumables
Locking security for medical equipment
Surgical instrumentation
Solenoids for motion control
Commercial Appliances
Ground fault sensing
Monitoring process parameters
Status of lamps, heaters, and other small appliances
Power failure indicators
Clean Energy
Natural Gas power generation   
Hydroelectric power generation   
Fuel cell technology
Access control
Keyless locks
Motion-activated monitoring
Power control
Large motor
Fuel management
Transformers for deep sea applications
Diesel electric locomotives
Hybrid/Electric vehicles
Buses, recreation vehicles and trailers
Heavy duty trucks and construction equipment
Industrial forklifts, robotics, and assembly equipment
High voltage capital equipment
Locking security for classified records
Aerospace and defense
Solenoids for applications that require robust, rugged, and efficient components
Hardware deployment
If you are new to Bicron, please know that we value your interest and we will do our best to earn your business. 
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