BICRON® Electronics has been supplying major OEM’s with engineered transformer and solenoid solutions from our US manufacturing site using proprietary designs and materials since 1964. With the support of strategically positioned international partners we can deliver solutions world-wide.

Our product focus includes Magnetics for electrical power control (transformers), and electro-mechanical devices for actuation and motion control (solenoids). We also offer value-added assembly for designs that include Magnetic devices.

Bicron specializes in extremely reliable, long-life products intended for rugged applications including Corona-Free Transformers, Toroidal Power Transformers and High-Efficiency Current Sensing Transformers (CT).

Our customers include manufacturers of inverters, power supplies and power distribution automation equipment. We also provide related products and assemblies for aerospace and mission critical applications.  Transformers and solenoids made by Bicron can be found in many applications, as noted below. Ruggedized products are used daily and globally for applications such as locomotives, wind turbines, and deep sea equipment and devices.