Shindengen Small Push-Pull DC Solenoids

  • Shindengen Small Push-Pull DC Solenoids Shindengen Small Push-Pull DC Solenoids
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Shindengen Small Push-Pull solenoids are designed with the same features as conventional Push-Pull models.  The Small Push-Pull design fulfills the need for miniaturization while maintaining a high output and cost efficiency.  Small Push-Pull solenoids are packaged in highly permeable steel to obtain the maximum force in a minimum size and weight with push or pull action.
Options include a life expectancy of up to 5million cycles. Small Push-Pull solenoids are the right choice for cost effectiveness when small movements are required, and/or available electrical power is limited.

Visit our Technical Guide for Shindengen Small Push-Pull Solenoids for further technical terms and other details important to the selection and application of Small Push-Pull solenoids. 

Application insight
Small Push-Pull Solenoids are most popular for applications that require light weight, fast movement and durability in a small space. See illustration below for a pen plotter application that uses a Small Push-Pull Solenoid as part of the pen lift mechanism.

Selection Guide for Shindengen Small Push-Pull Solenoids:

Size and weight may vary according to options selected