Bicron Tubular DC Solenoids

  • Bicron ST1939N Tubular DC Solenoid Bicron ST1939N Tubular DC Solenoid
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Bicron’s Tubular DC Solenoids are designed to provide a maximum force output with a minimum weight and size and low operational noise. The internal coil is enclosed in a metal shell, making the Tubular solenoid efficient and rugged.
Offered with a threaded mounting bushing for easy installation.

Typical applications for Bicron’s Tubular DC solenoids include printers, electric locks, vending machines, parking meters, dispensing equipment, switching devices and security devices.

Bicron standard Tubular Solenoid models are itemized in the selection table below. All are Pull types. Standard Duty Cycles are 10%, 25% and 100%.  We also offer Modified Standard Tubular DC Solenoids and designs customized to your application.

For custom types or modified standard types please use our Linear DC Solenoid Design Worksheet to identify the unique features desired.

Visit our Technical Guide for Bicron DC Solenoids for important technical details related to the design and operation of Bicron solenoids including a glossary of solenoid terms. 


Selection guide for Bicron Tubular DC solenoids:  

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Note: data subject to change.  dimensions shown are inches and (mm)