Bicron Magnetic Latching DC Solenoids

  • Bicron SC0424L Magnetic Latching DC Solenoid Bicron SC0424L Magnetic Latching DC Solenoid
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Bicron’s Magnetic Latching (self-holding) DC Solenoids are a linear design that provide positive holding in power-off mode. These are ideal for low-power or battery-operated applications.

The advantages of a permanent magnet are used to hold the plunger when the solenoid is not energized. Offered as C-Frame and D-Frame types with pull action.  Standard Duty Cycles are 10% to 42% when energized, depending on the model.

  • Medical Instruments
  • Power Management Devices
  • Security Devices
  • “Zero Power to Hold” Latching Mechanisms.
“Zero Power to Hold” makes our Magnetic Latching solenoid a must for power management in applications that require linear actuation and continual hold with the absence of electrical power

Magnetic latching solenoids differ from conventional solenoids by the use of a permanent magnet in their core that polarizes the unit. When connected in "pull-in" mode, force generated by the coil polarity adds to force in the polarized core which enables the plunger to pull in. When connected in the 'release" mode, coil polarity opposes the polarized core, allowing the load or spring to release the plunger.

Use the table below to select from our standard Magnetic Latching DC Solenoid models.  We also offer Modified Standard Magnetic Latching DC Solenoids and designs customized to your application.

For custom types or modified standard types please use our Linear DC Solenoid Design Worksheet to identify the unique features desired.

Visit our Technical Guide for Bicron DC Solenoids for important technical details related to the design and operation of Bicron solenoids including a glossary of solenoid terms.

Selection Guide for Bicron Standard Magnetic Latching DC Solenoids:

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